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Supportive Funeral Services in Sale

Arthur Kershaw Funerals in Sale provides you with meaningful ways to say goodbye. Our memorials are embedded in tradition, seamlessly combining privacy and formality to offer a solemn farewell to loved ones. We ensure each ceremony is a deeply reflective experience, assisting you in making all the required arrangements. Our funerals are personal and bespoke, providing an intimate and dedicated space for you to come together in.

Our Cremation Funeral Service

We can help make arrangements for any type of service you would like. Ceremonies are usually held at the Crematorium Chapel, but can be held in a Church or other venue of your choice prior to the cremation. Alongside eulogies and readings, music of your choice can be played throughout, creating a fully customisable ceremony. For religious services, an ordained minister or clergy from a specific faith or parish will lead the ceremony, providing a receptive and dedicated service with readings of your choice. For non-religious services, a civil celebrant or officiant from the humanist society will oversee the service, guaranteeing a platform for you to graciously reminisce. Typically, ceremonies last between 30-45 minutes.

Before the Service

Depending on your preference, mourners may assemble outside, awaiting the arrival of the hearse, or may take a seat in your venue of choice before the coffin is brought in. Alternatively, the coffin can be taken to the venue prior to the mourners arriving. Our planning process is flexible, allowing you to design your loved ones day, from start to finish, the way you want.


Most Crematoria are able to return a loved one’s ashes one working day after the cremation. You may have thought about scattering ashes in a Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium, or scattering or burying them elsewhere, on land or at sea, or keeping them at home. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help, offering a wide range of urns and caskets in a variety of styles and materials. In addition, we offer keepsakes, providing pendants, bracelets, rings and cufflinks in gold, silver, glass or stainless steel, containing a small amount of ashes for you to keep your loved one with you.

Unattended Cremations

Unattended Cremations provide an affordable alternative to a full-service funeral, without compromising on the quality of care. They offer a no-fuss cremation for those seeking simplicity in their goodbye. The coffin will be transported to the Crematorium from our Funeral Home in the hearse, with several team members accompanying them on their final journey. This normally takes place before 9:30 AM.  An unattended cremation has no formal funeral service, leaving you to say goodbye to your loved one in your own way rather than with a traditional funeral ceremony.

Customising Your Funeral

Whether through urn selection, scattering ceremonies, or personalised memorial services, our assistive funeral planners strive to create an environment of solace and understanding. We respond to your requests, paying the strongest attention to every detail you outline to deliver a tailored cremation funeral service with respect.

About Us

Our funeral directors in Sale are founded on an ethic of care. As a family-run, independent business, we focus on providing an attentive and affordable package that readily commits to assisting you with the planning process following a loss. Our comprehensive support focuses on fostering a composed and eloquent tribute, giving families the privacy they need. Our small professional team guides you through the planning process with empathy, assisting you as you navigate the delicate nuances of a substantially challenging time.

Contact Us To Arrange Your Memorial Service in Sale

Arthur Kershaw Funeral services can assist you in every step of the funeral and cremation arrangements, so please don’t hesitate to ask us about any aspects or queries you may have. Talk to our team to find out about our Crematorium, availability and prices. We’re regardful of your circumstances, working in a way which provides support and assistance the way you need it. We’re on call 24 hours a day, providing attentive support to you and your family as you plan your personal memorial service in Sale.

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